Driveway Specifications

All of our driveways are excavated to minimum of 250mm deep. Once the ground is broken and opened, if we find clay we may often dig as deep as 350mm to give you the correct stability to avoid your new driveway from failing. On completion of excavation all material is cleared from site with either a grab lorry or by skips.

We always use a geotextile membrane once excavation is completed as this will help with 2 things. First thing that it does is aid in preventing weed growth and secondly it aids in keeping all new subbase separate from the earth that’s been exposed. This also keeps the subbase from having weak spots once compacted.

There are many forms of subbase. We generally use MOT type 1 limestone which is ministry tested and used in most modern roadways. We aim for a minimum of 150mm (some drives may need more than 150mm) for driveways as this will give enough support for modern day cars. Another popular subbase we like to use is crushed concrete. We are big fans of recycled materials as its good for everyone. This type of stone generally tends to be bigger than type 1 which is great for driveways and you also get great ground support

All our driveways are consolidated with a road roller as they are heavier enough to compact to take the weight of a car. We never use a compactor plate as they are not enough for a driveway. This can often be the cause of a failed driveway. We always compact over x 75mm layers as this gives the best compaction to maximise the ground strength.

Types of finish for drives and patios




Limestone Paving

Resin Bond

Block paving


All these finishes differ vastly from one another so once you receive an estimate you will get a full detailed specification on how we undertake the work so you will know exactly what you be receiving for your money. We only estimate for the best materials we can buy as this is a project that needs to last for years to come.

On completion all of our jobs are left swept clean and tidy. All rubbish will be removed responsibly and recycled where we can.